Fabulous People

Anne Allgood (Tracey)

Fabulous People: Anne Allgood

Anne Allgood is a professional actor, singer, coach and ACT Theatre CORE Company member who has appeared on Broadway and every major theater in Seattle. “Currently. I’m appearing in SWEAT, the Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece that is playing at ACT Theatre this May.”


Fab Moms: Washington

As Princess Diana once said, “A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.” We would have to agree. In honor of Mother’s Day, meet five mamas at various stages of parenting as they share their greatest joys, greatest challenges and greatest wishes for their children.

washington state nature

Fab Eco Trendsetters

These Washington-based professionals are not only eco entrepreneurs; they are problem-solvers, finding ways to protect waterways, helping eliminate single-use plastics and Styrofoam and lessening trash in landfills. From upcycled fashion brands to forward-thinking food box services, meet the talents behind the companies that have a passion for the planet this Earth Day–and beyond.

heart volunteer

Fab Philanthropists

Whether it be advocating for women, children and families experiencing homelessness, prioritizing access to education for underserved populations and people of color or aiding those in the restaurant and hospitality industry facing financial and emotional crisis, this philanthropy-minded group is showing up for Washington and its communities in a big way.

garry montag

Fabulous People: Garry Montag

Garry Montag is the owner of The Stowaway Wine Bar and co-owner of Rising Tide Tavern, two of Seabrook’s most adored dining destinations. “The Stowaway is moving to our new location next door where we are expanding our menu, hosting more wine events and scheduling live music – all with an ocean view!”