Fabulous People

SHe_Said_Jen Ayers Photo 3 by Ernie Sapiro

Fabulous People: Jen Ayers

Jen Ayers is a singer, songwriter, playwright and performer, whose latest work, “SHe Said,” is set to show Oct. 6 to Oct. 9 at Seattle’s Broadway Performance Hall. “My new project, ‘SHe Said,’ is a culmination of all my artistic endeavors coming together: a double concept album and multimedia theatrical production about gender identity and transition based on a very personal story but with universal themes.”

Drew Gillespie

Fabulous People: Drew Gillespie

Drew Gillespie is the president of Pike Brewing, which has been making beer in the heart of Seattle since 1989. Most recently, the independently operated craft brewery introduced a refreshed look, a new head brewer (Leslie Shore) and three new beers.

Diane Skwiercz

Fabulous People: Diane Skwiercz

Seattle native Diane Skwiercz founded Street Treats–offering premium ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and an assortment of baked goods–in 2010. “From our food truck to cafés and local freezer aisles, our desserts are enjoyed across the Pacific Northwest.”

Diana Naramore

Fabulous People: Diana Naramore

Diana Naramore is the owner and CVO of Seattle’s Sip and Ship. “Sip and Ship is an urban trifecta created to simplify life’s complexities – combining the warmth of a coffee shop, convenience of mailbox rentals and mailing center with a carefully curated gift shop inside.”

dani cone

Fabulous People: Dani Cone

Dani Cone is the founder and CEO of Cone & Steiner, a modern take on the classic general store carrying specialty, local and basic goods in Seattle. “C&S is based on my great-grandfather Sam Cone’s original store of the same name, established in Seattle in 1915 shortly after he came to this country.”

Miyuki Yoshida

Fabulous People: Miyuki Yoshida

Immigration lawyer, saké sommelier and tasting room associate, Miyuki Yoshida is also a project executive/counsel of Tenzen Springs. For years, the Yoshida family and the entire Tenzen team have worked to make the collection of Japanese natural bath houses built on the side of private minimalist cabins in Skamania County a success.