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Fabulous People: Alex Camara

Alex Camara is the president and COO of Tutta Bella, a Seattle-based restaurant and retail business that operates five full-service neighborhood restaurants, as well as several kiosks in outlets like Lumen Field and QFC. Tutta Bella also offers a comprehensive line of retail products that are available at more than 200 grocery locations across the Puget Sound area. Learn about Alex Camara…

Follow at: @AudioAlex; @TuttaBella

Hometown: Chelsea, London, UK

First job: Believe it or not, I was cast as an extra in the original Star Wars, where I played one of the four baby aliens that appeared in the Cantina bar scene of the movie!

Favorite ways to spend your free time in WA: As an avid runner and tennis player, I take every opportunity to enjoy our amazing outdoors here in Washington. I also love spending time with my wife, supporting contemporary dance, and playing bridge that my dad taught me at the tender age of 12.

Your biggest accomplishment and why: Having owned several businesses, seeing the expansion of an amazing company is incredibly rewarding, but my greatest accomplishment is, without a doubt, the income, personal growth and opportunity we’ve been able to create for my teams throughout my career to date.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: COVID was extremely taxing on a lot of businesses, including mine. At the time, I was the owner and CEO of AudioControl. As soon as it was evident that the pandemic would have a sustained impact on people’s lives, spending stopped, almost overnight, and we found ourselves in a steep downward spiral. It was a daily struggle for our entire team to make sure we could retain employees and keep our doors open.

Through a collective effort and a few strategic moves, along with a corresponding increase in DIY activities during the pandemic, we were able to adjust, adapt and find a direction that led us back to both profitability and ultimately some of our most successful years.

Someone who inspires you and why: I’m a big fan of Olivier Wevers, one of the principal dancers and creators at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. It’s always admirable to see someone sacrifice in order to chase a dream, a vision and a passion, and Olivier did just that in the most spectacular way with Whim W’Him. His vision and perseverance allowed him to create something that has now affected the world, and countless young people growing in the arts and in their community. He continues to amaze me with his bravery and courage as he grows the impact of Whim W’him.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: I’m a firm believer in hard work, dedication and treating people with respect, regardless of what industry you pursue a career in. But, if there was one piece of advice, it would be to listen and listen hard. Listening is one of the most underrated and crucial steps to success.

Favorite quote: “The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.” –Germaine Greer

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I run marathons. My favorite one to date was the New York City Marathon, a majestic experience.

What makes someone fabulous: A smile. It’s both fabulous and infectious.

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