Fabulous People

jason parker

Fabulous People: Jason Parker

Jason Parker is the co-founder and president of Copperworks Distilling Company, a craft distillery, tasting room and gift shop on the waterfront in Downtown Seattle. Copperworks is known for its small-batch American Single Malt Whiskey, gins and vodka, all made from malted barley.

Hutton Moyer

Fabulous People: Hutton Moyer

Hutton Moyer is the owner and founder of Moyer Baseball Academy as well as a real estate broker with Wyman Group, specializing in the Greater Seattle and Bellevue areas. “I have the pleasure of being deeply involved in two uniquely different businesses.”

Ioana Bucur

Fabulous People: Ioana Bucur

Ioana Bucur is the COO and tasting room manager for Princess and Bear Wines. “We are dedicated to sharing these root-to-sip, affordable, hand selections through our tasting room in South Park Seattle, wine clubs and online to everyone who seeks and appreciates quality, originality, hard work, sustainability and passion in a glass.”

SHe_Said_Jen Ayers Photo 3 by Ernie Sapiro

Fabulous People: Jen Ayers

Jen Ayers is a singer, songwriter, playwright and performer, whose latest work, “SHe Said,” is set to show Oct. 6 to Oct. 9 at Seattle’s Broadway Performance Hall. “My new project, ‘SHe Said,’ is a culmination of all my artistic endeavors coming together: a double concept album and multimedia theatrical production about gender identity and transition based on a very personal story but with universal themes.”

Drew Gillespie

Fabulous People: Drew Gillespie

Drew Gillespie is the president of Pike Brewing, which has been making beer in the heart of Seattle since 1989. Most recently, the independently operated craft brewery introduced a refreshed look, a new head brewer (Leslie Shore) and three new beers.