The Loupe Lounge

Have you checked out the Space Needle lately? In 2017, a year-long renovation brought a new observation area, an all-glass floor and an upscale restaurant and lounge called The Loupe Lounge to the 1962 Seattle icon. And from fall to spring, The Loupe Lounge offers an exclusive dining experience no tourist or local should miss.

For a special occasion (a birthday, date night, marriage proposal or just a visit to the Emerald City), The Loupe Lounge at the Space Needle offers one of the most immersive (and incredibly unique) dining experiences in the PNW.

The Space Needle boasts the world’s first and only revolving glass floor, located about 500 feet above the Seattle streets. And considering all the views you can get from the attraction, you won’t want to miss a single angle — especially if you can go around sunset. But what makes the experience especially magical here is the menu itself. Every morsel, every side and every cocktail pair has been perfectly coordinated to give you the most delicious and indulgent meal you could ever imagine. And it truly lives up to the hype.

The Loupe Lounge must be reserved in advance. When you make your reservation, you’ll choose your multi-course towers (one for each of you). The towers are Elevated at Sea, Butcher’s Tower, Omnivore’s Tower and Space Forager, which is entirely meatless, so there’s something for everyone. Each tower comes with multiple thoroughly explained courses, the beloved Lunar Orbiter dessert (which was a holdover from the original Sky City menu), and three expertly paired cocktails. If you’re not a cocktail fan, you’re welcome to choose beer, wine, or mocktails.

Joe Dietrich, director of Cocktail Culture, designed the cocktail menu. He opted for cocktail pairings over wine because, over the years, guests have often preferred them. And since the Space Needle was developed as a futuristic peek into the new world, each cocktail is creative and futuristic (in appearance and taste) as well, often using ingredients most people have never heard of.

The towers were also thoughtfully created for easy sharing. They all come with at least two bites/servings per course, so you can share with a date (or enjoy a double dose). The culinary team did not cut corners on the ingredients, either — you can expect to see Belgium caviar, Kagoshima A5 wagyu beef and so much more.

Obviously, an experience like this isn’t going to be cheap. You’ll have to pre-pay when you make your reservation, and it will run you around $200 per person (not including valet parking). That being said, The Loupe Lounge experience is 100 percent worth it. For starters, you won’t have to wait in line to use the elevator — your VIP status starts right away. And between the views, the creative presentation of the cocktails and the smoky, spacy Lunar Orbiter dessert, the ambiance alone would be worth the price of admission.

When you’ve finished your meal, make sure to take in the views from the Space Needle’s observation deck. And remember, this experience only runs through May until it picks back up in the fall, so book it now.

For more information, visit

400 Broad St.
Seattle, WA 98109

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