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Forge Pizza Opens Inside Coastline Burgers in Kirkland

Coastline Burgers in Kirkland now serves Forge Pizza in addition to its tasty burgers. This innovative collaboration began when Aaron Shepherd, who opened Coastline Burgers in 2018, decided to maximize his spacious kitchen’s potential beyond creating delicious burgers and a wholesale bakery line.

Inspired by a sourdough starter from Columbia City Bakery, Shepherd ventured into the world of pizza in 2023, crafting personal-sized artisan pizzas with a focus on quality ingredients and killer sourdough crust.

“In conceptualizing Forge, I used the same idea behind Coastline Burgers,” says Shepherd, owner and creative director of Coastline Burgers and Forge Pizza, in a recent press release. “Keep the menu simple, make bread the star, use good ingredients and give the people what they want quickly at a casual price point in a welcoming environment.”

After perfecting the pizza recipe and its presentation, Forge Pizza introduced the Quad Flow pizza box, designed by Shepherd himself. The new box features four side vents to prevent moisture build-up and ensure a perfectly crunchy crust, revolutionizing how pizzas are delivered. Shepherd’s motivation stemmed from an article in The Atlantic discussing the stagnation in pizza box design over the past six decades.

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Photo credit: Gregg Graham

Forge Pizza’s menu has a variety of choices, including the Perfect Pepperoni, Forge Four Cheese and Pesto Veggie Bomb, all priced at $9.99. For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert menu includes a Key Lime PieWich and a Chocolate PieWich for $3.99. Adding to the experience, Forge offers house-made craft cocktails like margaritas and moscow mules for $6.99, served in convenient 8-oz. cans for dine-in guests. The beverage options don’t stop at cocktails, as Forge features a range of drinks from Seattle Soda Company, along with a selection of local craft beers.

“It’s all about creating a convenient quality experience by providing guests great food and beverages quickly so they can get back to their busy lives,” adds Shepherd in a press release.

Forge Pizza not only promises a quick, casual dining option but also a tasty one, embracing the motto “Cheap & Easy.” Looking forward, the expansion of Forge Pizza includes new locations inside Coastline Burgers in Redmond this summer and West Seattle this fall, creating more opportunities to enjoy this unique blend of pizza and burgers.

For more information, visit

116 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033

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