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Fabulous People: Terrence Chan

Terrence Chan is the president of JOII Inc., a small business dedicated to introducing international brands to the Pacific Northwest, including ROYCE’ Chocolate and Tendon Kohaku. “Bringing joy and happiness to the people of the Pacific Northwest through the indulgence of ROYCE’ chocolate brings me immense fulfillment.” Learn about Terrence Chan…

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Hometown: Hong Kong

First job: Research and Development Coordinator at Yogurtland HQ

Favorite ways to spend your free time in WA: The primary motivation behind my move to Washington was the abundance of natural landscapes the state has to offer. Sunset walks with my dog at Juanita Beach Park are among my favorite pastimes. I find joy in embracing and appreciating the distinct seasons and the ever-changing surroundings. Whenever time allows, I take pleasure in hiking and exploring national parks and forests.

Your biggest accomplishment and why: Being able to appreciate simple things in life. I believe in finding joy in the simplicity of life and maintaining a constant state of happiness. As a child, I recall passing through a less affluent neighborhood, witnessing children gleefully playing with mud and dirty water on the streets. My mother shared a valuable lesson, highlighting that even without material wealth, they could discover happiness and joy in their lives. In that moment, I realized that the ability to appreciate simple things is the key to a happy life. Since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to value the smallest gestures from others and embrace everything that life presents. I firmly believe that there is always a positive aspect in every situation.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: At a certain juncture in my career, I faced a dilemma where I had to decide between doing what was ethically right and adhering to the company’s wishes. I was already in a favorable position in my career, enjoying a decent income in my current role. The decision was whether to comply with the company’s desires or to walk away from what I had established in my career. Ultimately, my commitment to doing what is morally sound led me to choose departure. I made a promise to myself that when I eventually establish my own company, I would ensure that my team never has to confront a similar ethical quandary.

Someone who inspires you and why: My spouse serves as a constant source of inspiration in everything I undertake. Acting as a guiding light during challenging moments, offering clarity and consistently steering me towards the path of doing what is right.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: When initiating a business, identify the gap in the market—introducing a novel necessity before individuals are aware of their need for it.

Favorite quote: “Gratitude is a celebration we are all invited to.” –Cleo Wade

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I discreetly engage in meditation amidst a hectic day.

What makes someone fabulous: Individuals who consistently bring about positive change in the lives of others.

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