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Jennifer Stiefel

Fabulous People: Jennifer Stiefel

Jennifer Stiefel is the president and co-founder at Heritage Distilling Company, which was founded in 2011 by Stiefel and her husband, Justin. Today, Heritage Distilling Company is one of the largest craft distilleries on the West Coast and is the largest independently owned craft distillery in Washington.


Fabulous People: Sharon Provins

Sharon Provins is the co-founder of Birch Road Clubhouse in Seattle, which is a social club like no other. “Our clubhouses are thoughtfully designed to encourage our members to be comfortable, linger over a bottle of wine that you’ve brought, gather with friends or whatever else you dream up.”

Theo Martin

Fabulous People: Theo Martin

Theo Martin is an entrepreneur and owner of Island Soul and Arleana’s restaurants (the latter of which opens in Downtown Kirkland on April 8). “It is named after my mother, Lulu ‘Arleana’ Martin. I wanted to find a way to honor her.”

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Spring Break Escapes

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, looking to explore more of your city or are hoping to unplug with a relaxing, nature-filled escape, Washington is home to so many fun experiences and nearby destinations that will ensure your March vacay is truly unforgettable.