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Himalayan Java Now Open in Spire Seattle

A new coffee spot has entered the scene inside Spire Seattle, and unlike the many other shops in the coffee capital, Himalayan Java serves up specialty, Nepalese-style coffee to each guest. 

The newest addition to Spire Seattle, the high-rise condo tower located next to the Space Needle, Himalayan Java is a family-owned coffee shop, which happened to be the first of its kind in Nepal to specialize in handcrafted coffees and bakery items. The java spot can be found in the tower’s residential lobby, though it is open to both residents and the public. 

“Himalayan Java is an incredible addition to the community,” said Paul Menzies, CEO of Laconia, the developer of Spire in a press release. “While great coffee is in no short supply in Seattle, we strived to bring the best to our residents and we’re able to accomplish that through this partnership.”


The new location is the first to open in Seattle, serving up Nepalese-style sips made with 100 percent organic beans and locally-sourced ingredients to help support area farmers and a healthy eco-system. The menu features specialty espresso drinks, brewed coffee, teas and smoothies. Each bean has been curated in Nepal and roasted to perfection in crisp Himalayan air. 

“Stepping into the coffee capital of the country is a surreal moment for us,” says Sharad Shrestha, owner of Himalayan Java in a press release. “Our goal is to offer the best-tasting coffee beverages in the nation. We are confident our meticulous coffee-making process and our high-quality ingredients from the Himalayas are bound to captivate Seattleites and coffee connoisseurs.”

Himalayan Java is open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

To learn more about Himalayan Java, visit javanw.com

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