Best Spots to Picnic

The Pacific Northwest is arguably one of the dreamiest destinations in the United States. Between evergreen forests and towering oceanside cliffs, the state’s natural landmarks are certainly a sight to behold. Here are some of the best spots to picnic and immerse yourself in the wonder of Washington.

Kerry Park


On a map, Kerry Park might only appear to be a small public park. But in reality, the destination is home to one of the best views on Seattle in the entire state. Located on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill, the park overlooks the skyline of Downtown Seattle. Not only is Kerry Park one of the most heavily photographed areas in the city, but it also doubles as a prime picnicking destination too. For more information, visit www.seattle.gov/parks/find/parks/kerry-park

Wallace Falls State Park

Gold Bar

Located on the west side of the Cascade Mountains is Wallace Falls State Park—a 4,735-acre camping park that boasts bustling rivers which feed into a picturesque 265-foot waterfall, lush coniferous forests, towering cliffs and piercing buttes, and just enough untouched land to settle into a secluded, peaceful afternoon picnic. For more information, visit www.parks.state.wa.us.

Artist Point


Washington boasts picturesque views pretty much anywhere throughout the state. But the sights from Artist Point in Deming are especially beautiful. Artist Point is located at the very end of Mount Baker Highway and offers 360-degree views of both Mount Shuksan and Mount Baker. The area is generally pretty quiet and secluded, so visitors can take in the unforgettable sights and sounds of Artist Point in peace. For more information, visit www.wsdot.wa.gov/travel/highways-bridges/

Hurricane Ridge

Port Angeles

Hurricane Ridge is the highly touristed, mountainous region that’s settled within Washington’s Olympic National Park. The ridge itself is open to a number of different activities, including snowboarding, hiking and skiing, among others. And while the actual mountain might not be the ideal spot to pitch a picnic, the Hurricane Ridge Visitor’s Center offers just as stunning of views in a significantly more comfortable setting. For more information, visit www.nps.gov/olym/planyourvisit/visiting-hurricane-ridge

Gig Harbor Viewpoint


As disclosed by its name, Five Mile Drive is a stretch of road that offers picturesque viewpoints of the surrounding Puget Sound, along with a number of other nearby islands. The drive is a part of Tacoma’s Point Defiance Park, which is home to dozens of quaint walking and hiking trails, plus blossoming gardens. And while the entire area is beautiful, Gig Harbor Viewpoint offers arguably the best views and picnic spots—complete with a picnic shelter and adventurous bluffs that offer an even better viewpoint of the surrounding area. For more information, visit www.metroparkstacoma.org/place/point-defiance-park/.

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