Fabulous People: R. Hamilton Wright

Seattle’s R. Hamilton Wright has been a professional actor for over 35 years, appearing in 130-plus productions. This year, he is back in the director’s chair for ACT Contemporary Theatre’s 48th year of A Christmas Carol, with performances through Dec. 24. Learn about R. Hamilton Wright…

Hometown: I was born in Seattle.

First job: My first job was working on the construction of a new golf course. Mostly I picked rocks and cut brush. I was 16. I made $4 an hour. My first paying job in the theatre was playing Walter the Woodsman in a production of Red Riding Hood at the old Children’s Theatre at the zoo. I was 21. I made less.

Favorite ways to spend your free time in WA: I love to hike in the mountains. Or walk about almost anywhere.

Your biggest accomplishment and why:  With the help of dear friends, I quit drinking alcohol in 1985. It saved my life.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: I suppose that, professionally, my biggest obstacle is my lack of confidence. Overcoming it is an ongoing process.

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Someone who inspires you and why: I am inspired every day by my wife, Katie Forgette, because of her great generosity of spirit. And she makes me laugh.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Work with people that are more talented, more skilled and more experienced than you are. Learn from them. Steal from them. 

Favorite quote: Wrong and strong. (When encouraging other actors and yourself to make big choices and go for it in rehearsal.)

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I’m not a big fan of Shakespeare.

What makes someone fabulous: Listening to others and being curious about the world outside oneself. Also – loving peanut butter.

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