The Stage at Ravine Now Open on Bainbridge Island

Located in the heart of the charming main street on Bainbridge Island, The Stage at Ravine is a brand-new music venue, attracting both locals and tourists with its soulful sounds and stunning stage.

Due in part to support and funding from the much renowned and highly recognized Bainbridge Creative District, The Stage at Ravine is now fully functioning and hosting live performances that are sure to please. A wide variety of live performances will be presented on The Stage at Ravine, which helps boost the musical mood of guests while also fostering the island’s booming creative economy. 

This success perfectly complements Bainbridge Creative District’s objective to promote the arts and make the island a vibrant place to live, work and visit. Through financing from the Washington Arts Commission, which provides direct funding for the arts, artists and art institutions in the area, the Bainbridge Creative District is able to support creative and inspiring initiatives like The Stage at Ravine. Furthermore, this prestigious project was created over the past few months with a great deal of effort and cooperation from the surrounding community.

Similarly, vibrancy continues outdoors in the courtyard. Here, The Stage at Ravine has been constructed using naturalistic wood cuts around surrounding stones to maintain a flawless flow without disrupting the original beauty of the environment. The aesthetic arrangement of the Ravine courtyard area was restored and creatively curated by Erika Thayer, owner of the Bainbridge Apothecary and Tea Shop. Of course, this terrific transformation wouldn’t have been possible without the help of local artist and creative eye James Rudolph. In honor of this commitment, Ravine has implemented a stand-out plaque to further commemorate the partnership between Thayer, Rudolph and the ​​Bainbridge Creative District as a whole.

The Stage at Ravine is surely going to attract attention with its weekly opportunities to enjoy live music. But, Ravine itself is also worth checking out, as a one-stop shop that offers delicious meals, homemade sweets, Bainbridge-centric local crafts and spiritual centering.

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