The Most Charming Treehouse Rentals in Washington

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most magical places in the United States — and for all of its charm, Washington state boasts less of a West Coast vibe and more of a storybook aesthetic. With untouched land covered in lush forests and beachside buttes, it’s one of the most photogenic spots in the country. And thanks to an influx in treehouse rental options, tourists and locals alike can take in the sights of the state via a more unique point of view. Here are some of the most charming treehouses to rent on your next Pacific Northwest excursion.

Hansel Creek Treehouse


The Hansel Creek Treehouse is truly an oasis like no other. Perched atop two trees and set right beside a vibrant brook, the heated cabin boasts all of the necessities you would need for a comfortable retreat in the woods—complete with a full kitchen, multiple sleeping quarters, a barbecue area and a wrap-around porch. For more information, visit

The Squirrel’s Nest


The name for this treehouse retreat is not accidental. The Squirrel’s Nest treehouse is quite literally built around a fir tree, complete with a spiraling staircase that guides guests from the ground to the front door of the cabin. While the exterior is breathtaking—and in many ways, otherworldly—the interior boasts more of a quaint feel, with country-centric décor and rustic accents that make visitors feel as if they’ve stepped into another time. For more information, visit

Doe Bay Resort & Retreat

Orcas Island

Doe Bay Resort & Retreat is already hailed for its stunning, more traditional accommodations—so guests can only imagine just how spectacular the treehouse suite truly is. The real highlight of this two-unit cabin is its wrap-around deck, which offers exquisite views of the Rosario Strait waters. For more information, visit


TreeHouse Point

Fall City

When you think of Seattle, you might not imagine treehouses or secluded spots. But in reality, just 30 minutes east of Seattle, lies the Treehouse Point escape—a quiet retreat which is home to six rustic and inexplicably charming treehouses. While the cabins are cozy, the on-site lodge helps to provide all of the amenities—including breakfast offerings and waterside dining options. For more information, visit

Forest House

Orcas Island

If there was ever an opportunity to feel like you were living amongst fairies and other quirky, woodland creatures, you’d probably find it at Forest House—a treehouse property that features two buildings, each brought together by a connecting deck. The treehouses—which were built using natural materials—provide all the traditional amenities in a storybook setting better known as the Orcas Island. For more information, visit

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