Route Line Launches in Seattle

Route Line, a brand new transportation concept from Seattle’s own Johannes Ariens of LOGE Camps, offers Northwest travel enthusiasts a seamless, cost-friendly option to rent a luxury off-road trailer and camper vans to get that #vanlife on a budget. 

Purchasing (let alone maintaining) a massive van is a lot of work, time and money, especially for those who are only looking to use the vehicle for occasional travel and may not need it year-round. Route Line has solved this problem by allowing you the freedom of living your best van life without the hassles of financial commitments, licensing and high-maintenance services.

“Having spent many nights in truck beds, RVs, conversion vans, tents and campgrounds, I wanted to help bridge a gap I observed in the adventure brand marketplace. And that is why I founded Route Line,” says Ariens, in a press release. “When it comes to adventure, I believe that experiencing the outdoors should be simple, fun, convenient and affordable.”

To make renting its vans affordable for everyone, Route Line offers two membership models including the Weekend Pass, for travelers who need more flexible and affordable access to the vans on the weekends, and the Any Day Pass for access to the vehicles any day of the week. For those who are hesitant to try this stellar service, an overnight pass is available for one-time access to take the vans for a spin before joining. 

All Route Line vehicles, campers and trailers are pet-friendly and provide all the necessities for comfortable travel.

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