Quintessential Seattle Experiences

Seattle is often the muse for many television shows and movies—everything from the “Sleepless in Seattle” to “Grey’s Anatomy” have relied on the city as a backdrop for developing compelling stories and character arcs. For tourists looking to immerse themselves in the pop culture haven, here are some of the most quintessential Seattle experiences to indulge in on your next trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Reach New Heights at the Space Needle

The Space Needle is not only a staple of the Seattle skyline (which can be best enjoyed from afar) but it’s also the best place to take in a bird’s-eye view of the bustling city and its gorgeous—yet ever-changing—culture. The iconic spot is accented with glass everywhere, which means visitors will not only enjoy the best view of the town, but will also be afforded the opportunity to take in an unparalleled glimpse of the Puget Sound. For more information, visit www.spaceneedle.com

Visit the Gum Wall

Seattle’s gum wall is about as quintessentially Seattle as you can get—it’s quirky, it’s sometimes gross, but it’s mostly really fun and an unmissable attraction to visit the next time that you’re in Seattle. On the outside wall of the Unexpected Productions Improv Theatre, visitors can stick their gum on a colorfully colored wall covered entirely in other people’s gum—like we said, it’s quirky. For more information, visit www.unexpectedproductions.org


Grab A Cup of Joe at the Original Starbucks

For most Americans, coffee is a staple of their morning routine. And these days, Starbucks is arguably the most recognizable and accessible coffee shop in the world. While it’s hard to imagine a time when the franchise couldn’t be found on most every street corner, the brand was actually born and developed in the heart of Seattle. Tourists can visit the original location and pay homage to the iconic franchise that birthed the modern evolution of coffee—plus, it’s relatively close to another Seattle staple, Pike Place Market. For more information, visit www.starbucks.com

Stroll the Stalls at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is arguably the heart of Seattle. Not only is the market located in Downtown Seattle right along the waterfront, but it’s made up entirely of local vendors and Washington-based businesses whose work helps to empower the Seattle economy. Visitors can catch a flying fish from fishmongers, indulge in a fresh flower bouquet (a staple of most Pike Place Market Instagram photos), or even grab a cup of coffee from a unique Seattle shop. For more information, visit www.pikeplacemarket.org


Befriend the Fremont Troll

Seattle, in many ways, is a city that feels like something straight out of a storybook—with seaside scapes, lucious evergreen forests, a vibrant arts scene, and even underbridge tolls, there truly is no place like Seattle. The Fremont Troll is a towering, detailed figure that was constructed by four artists in 1990, and is meant to pay homage to Norwegian folklore tales. Today, the troll is a frequent hotspot for both locals and tourists that are looking to admire the impressive figure up-close. For more information, visit www.fremont.com.

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