NFT Seattle Conference

NFT Seattle Conference

NFT Seattle is excited to announce the inaugural NFT Seattle Conference will be taking place in September, with a two-day experience where art, culture and technology collide. The conference will take place Friday, Sept. 30, and Saturday, Oct. 1, at Block 41 in Seattle

NFT Seattle was formed by high-ranking community members in the NFT verse looking to make the greater Seattle area the hub for NFT enthusiasts looking to connect and attract opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. The group was created for people with all levels of interest in the market, from pioneers in the industry to those who are curious and looking for a place to start. 

The new conference event was designed to provide the NFT community with education around opportunities that NFTs can bring creators, businesses and artists in the Northwest. The two-day experience will feature local and international NFT artists and influential leaders with track records of success in the industry. Each of these individuals will share their wealth of knowledge and experiences, hoping to provide some insight and education into the complex world. 

Featured speakers include Puyallup-based Jaiden “Jasti” Stipp, a 16-year-old NFT artist who has been featured in TIME Magazine and has earned more than $1 million selling his NFT artwork; Aaron Penne, a creator of generative artwork with code since 2018 and collections in noteworthy galleries; and Zoe Winters, a pioneer in augmented reality, creating real-world assets from 3D software for the metaverse. These individuals are only three of the growing list of world-class speakers and creators attendees can expect to learn from.

General admission for the event is $209 or $409 for VIP access. To learn more about NFT Seattle Conference or to purchase tickets, visit

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