Seattle Gum Wall, Most Instagrammable Murals and Art Installations in Seattle

Most Instagrammable Murals & Art Installations in Seattle

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in Seattle’s art scene than by visiting some of the city’s most charming and Instagrammable art installations and murals. Here are some of the best spots to stop by and document your artsy finds across the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle Gum Wall

OK—so this technically isn’t a mural or formal “art installation.” But given its popularity (especially across Instagram) it would be impossible to leave it off this list. Seattle’s world-famous gum wall has become a staple spot to visit in the city. Not only does the wall draw locals and tourists alike to memorialize their Seattle visit (by placing a chewed up piece of gum on the wall) but it also serves as a colorful and totally unique backdrop for a photo.

Greetings from Seattle Mural

What better introductions to a city than with a giant mural that quite literally “greets” you upon your visit? The Greetings from Seattle mural—located at 2231 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121— is designed to mirror the look of a classic postcard, and features depictions of the Space Needle, Washington peaks and even the Seattle Seahawks.

Room for Change Instagrammable Mural in Seattle
Photo courtesy: Waterfront Park Seattle/Dorothee Brand.

Waterfront Park: Room for Change Mural

Located at the Western Avenue Stairs, the Room for Change mural is as pretty as it is meaningful. There’s always room to change and grow, and perhaps this poppy art installation is a great reminder to lean into new seasons. Best of all, it’s close to Pike Place Market, so you can visit two Seattle hotspots in one swift swoop!

Peace Signs Mural

Seattle has a reputation for being a hippy haven—so it only makes sense that this peace-centric mural is a hotspot for travelers and locals alike. Located at 4th Avenue and Bell Street, this public art spot is the perfect place to stroll by, throw up the peace sign and snap a photo for a totally Instagrammable memory of your Seattle trip.

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