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Cutest Igloo Dining Experiences in Washington

Winter temperatures can get pretty chilly in Washington. And while COVID restrictions might limit indoor dining options, igloo dining allows guests to immerse themselves in the festive charm of the season outside, while still enjoying the comforts of a classic restaurant experience. There are dozens of igloo dining experiences to indulge in throughout Washington State—here are some of the cutest.

Grand Terrace Igloo Bar


The name speaks for itself. Step outside for a comfortable evening under the stars in one of the Grand Terrace’s charming igloo setups—complete with charcuterie and appetizers, colorful cocktails, small heaters and more, located at the Davenport Grand Hotel. For more information, visit

Maximilien Restaurant


Perhaps you’ve dreamed of dining in an igloo—but odds are you haven’t pictured igloo dining to be quite as elegant as an excursion in “le igloo.” Located at Seattle’s famed Pike Place Market, Maximilien Restaurant is one of the city’s finest French establishments—and their outdoor, igloo dining offerings match the elevated, pristine aesthetic of the restaurant’s space. For more information, visit

Igloo Dining Washington State Seattle

Hidden Igloo Dining


If you like the secluded, private nature of the igloo dining experience, then you’ll love the approach of Hidden Igloo Dining—a unique dome dining opportunity which features the same flair of the classic igloo experience (complete with fleece blankets and flavorful drinks), just in a more secretive fashion (with a required pre-registration for the hosted event). For more information, visit

San Fermo


Last year, San Fermo’s nailed the pod-style dining experience for guests with their setup of igloo domes for added outdoor dining fun. And while full specifics of this year’s igloo dining offerings have yet to be announced, locals and tourists alike can count on a wintery restaurant experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen at San Fermo’s—with good drinks and even better food included, of course. For more information, visit

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