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BAM Biennial 2021: Architecture & Urban Design

The sixth Bellevue Arts Museum biennial exhibition, BAM Biennial 2021: Architecture & Urban Design, is set to open Nov. 5. The exhibition offers an in-depth look at the fields of architecture and urban design, with a winning maker being named mid-November.

BAM Biennial 2021: Architecture & Urban Design will feature the work of 26 artists, makers and architects, whose work was plucked from a pool of nearly 130 ambitious proposals. This year’s exhibition actually marks the first in the BAM Biennial series focuses on a concept rather than a specific medium within the realm of art, craft and design. 

Works featured in the BAM Biennial 2021 are set to range from traditional architectural models to large-scale multimedia structures. The works will explore themes of architectural history and archaeology, accessibility and ADA compliance, homelessness, queering architecture, the body in architectural space, city growth vs. sustainability, land ownership and more.

During the run of the exhibition, one cash prize of $1,500 will be awarded, and the winner will have the opportunity to present a solo exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum within two years. The award recipient will be selected by BAM’s curatorial staff and announced in mid-November.

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