LeMarco Network Mentorship Program

The LeMarco Network Is Helping to Mentor the Next Generation of Artists

Courtney LeMarco is no stranger to the entertainment industry—and he has the resume to prove it. Beyond working as the executive producer and showrunner of A&E’s Emmy-nominated series “Hoarders,” he’s now also serving as the creative mind behind the newly founded LeMarco Network—an inclusive professional community and app that’s working to provide artists and aspiring filmmakers with the right resources to succeed in today’s entertainment industry.

The LeMarco Network app is an exclusive, members-only space that offers subscribers to opportunity to access class courses on financing, production and licensing, as well as personalized coaching offerings, exclusive livestreams, networking opportunities and even the space to pitch original TV and film concepts in a safe and open space.

“As a Black showrunner and executive producer, I know firsthand how crucial mentorship and representation in the entertainment industry can be – it can make or break your career,” says LeMarco, CEO of LeMarcoBrands, in a press release.

Courtney LeMarco
Courtney LeMarco of The LeMarco Network

He continued in saying: “The LeMarco Network is a community intended to open doors, especially for BIPOC talent in entertainment. Through this community, I hope to empower aspiring filmmakers and artists by providing them with the right guidance, perspective and, most importantly, tangible opportunities to pursue their ambitions.” 

The professional space is incredibly exclusive, with those wishing to join The LeMarco Network being required to undergo a vetting process to verify their identity.

Once admitted, users will have the opportunity to expand on their network of professional contacts, all while receiving a first-hand education in how to make it big and authentically as an artist—courtesy of one of today’s most prominent producers and creators, of course.

For more information on this new mentorship program, visit www.thelemarconetwork.com.

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