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Tutta Bella Unveils Social Fabric Cafe and Market

Tutta Bella, a beloved Seattle-based chain celebrated for its Neapolitan Cuisine and wood-fired pizzas, has launched its latest venture, Social Fabric Cafe and Market. Situated on the ground floor of the award-winning REN building at Fairview Avenue in the Denny Triangle, this innovative cafe is part of a larger, three-part hospitality project designed to enrich the South Lake Union neighborhood.

Social Fabric Cafe and Market occupies a 1,250-sq.-ft. space at the bustling corner of Denny Way and Virginia Street. Open daily from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., the cafe offers a thoughtfully curated menu featuring coffee and homemade food alongside a market featuring an array of prepared gourmet food and beverages.

Designed by the acclaimed Seattle-based Graham Baba Architects, Social Fabric Cafe and Market is the second concept introduced by Tulla Bella at REN. The first, Lobby Bar at REN, opened in late 2023, and a modern take on Tutta Bella’s neighborhood restaurants is slated to debut later this summer.

“The name Social Fabric represents the beautiful weaving of people and culture in this diverse area, and we feel that it will become a great gathering spot for residents and professionals across South Lake Union,” says Joe Fugere, founder and CEO, in a recent press release. “We’re extremely proud of the meticulous work the team put in to make sure we have a best-in-class menu of truly mouthwatering food options and a very unique, delicious and meaningful coffee offering.”

Central to Social Fabric’s appeal is its exclusive coffee program, developed in collaboration with Juan Diaz, a renowned Colombian-American barista and founder of KNOW.WHERE.COFFEE. (KWC). Diaz’s network of Colombian farmers and coffee professionals are acclaimed for their empowerment of women coffee roasters, sustainable sourcing and fair trade practices. Social Fabric’s signature roast, unique to the Seattle market, is a testament to this partnership.

Enhancing its coffee offerings, Social Fabric features a selection of foods crafted by local artisans, including Sonrisa Donuts. Known for its innovative take on Italian Bomboloni, Sonrisa Donuts will offer a rotating selection of seasonal flavors. Additionally, culinary consultant Karen Malody, who helped create Tutta Bella’s first menu in 2004, has designed a series of premium breakfast and lunch items such as burritos, sandwiches, breakfast bars and focaccias.

“Highlighting and celebrating local artisans as part of our menu is what Social Fabric is all about,” says Fugere, in a press release. “We’re so grateful to be partnering with some unbelievably talented people and equally excited to give them a place to showcase their incredible culinary talents.”

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