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Seattle’s Spinnaker Chocolate

Spinnaker Chocolate first opened its doors in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood in the fall of 2021. Focusing on quality chocolate, from sourcing to production, Spinnaker Chocolate is on the way to becoming a household name. Owner Kelly Van Arsdale is living out his passion to create delicious, smooth and flavorful chocolate for all to enjoy.

Beginning at the sourcing stage, all cacao pods are brought in from different regions to provide a variety in Spinnaker Chocolate products. These locations include Belize, Uganda, Colombia and Trinidad, to name a few. Once the pods have arrived, Van Arsdale diligently sorts through them using machinery designed and created by himself and his brother. During the chocolate-making process, a key step truly sets the brand apart from other chocolate products: roasting the nibs instead of the whole cacao pod, ensuring maximum flavor while maintaining the natural state of cacao.

If you consider yourself a chocolate connoisseur, you may want to join the Spinnaker membership club. This exclusive membership is full of great perks and benefits including exclusive flavors, free shipping, discounts and more. The Cadet introductory level allots for 12 bars per year at $30 per quarter; next up, the Chief Mate gives you 20 items per year at $50 per quarter; and the Captain rank provides 40 items per year at $100 per quarter. Each level is a great way to explore Spinnaker Chocolate and can also be gifted.

With a strong mission to raise awareness for pollution and reducing waste, Spinnaker Chocolate has made sure all the packaging is as recyclable as possible. For every item sold, the Seattle company will also donate one percent of revenue to help cleaning up marine debris.

To learn more about Spinnaker Chocolate or order online, visit www.spinnakerchocolate.com.

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