Seattle’s Boldest Doughnut Shops

If you find jelly doughnuts to be a bore, these shops in Seattle are bringing daring new flavors for those who defy doughnut tradition. 

Donut Factory Inc.

Taste is the key ingredient to happiness when making doughnuts for the Donut Factory Inc in the University District. Each doughnut is crafted with locally grown sources and cage-free eggs for an incomparable, fresh taste. The factory’s menu features elevated treats like its raised ube-coated doughnuts, smores rings and vanilla Oreo French cruller, to name a few. To view the menu in its full glory, click here

Top Pot Doughnuts

Whether you like your doughnuts topped with sprinkles or cherry blossoms, the Top Pot Doughnuts shop has you covered with a menu featuring familiar glazed favorites and exceptionally bold flavors, like Samoas-inspired and orange marmalade. The shop also offers a DIY option to help guests create their ultimate dream doughnut. To check out the full menu, click here

Mighty-O Donuts

Mighty-O Donuts 

Specializing in vegan treats, Mighty-O Donuts brings you innovatively delicious doughnuts with the help of organic and sustainable products. The shop, located on Boren Avenue, has a wide range of remarkable flavors including Raspberry Riot, French toast, lemon poppy seed and nutty vanilla. To check out the vegan-friendly menu, click here

9th & Hennepin Donuts

With a new menu popping up every Wednesday, 9th & Hennepin keeps Seattleites on their toes with its newest flavors. The menu is curated by combining uncommon ingredients to create rich and unique tastes including brown sugar tomato, strawberry lavender and lemon ricotta. To view the full eccentric menu for this week, click here

The Donut Lab Seattle

Inspired by its love for Hawaii, the Donut Lab hidden in Renton offers traditional Hawaiian Malasadas, a Portuguese fried dessert with a crispy sugar-coated crust and fluffy center. The lab breaks tradition by complementing each Malasada with distinctive flavors like guava, smores and Fruity Pebbles. To see all of its options, click here



Dochi offers a twist to America’s classic doughnut by crossing the fried treat with a traditional Japanese rice dessert, mochi. The blend gives the sweet treat an airy, crispy exterior with a soft and chewy center. The shop has exotic flavors to choose from like Taro Pebbles, Churotella and honeydew. To learn more about Dochi, click here

Half and Half Donut Co 

Resting on Pike Street is Half and Half Donut Co, a must-try for all doughnut fans. The shop’s menu features exceptional savory breakfasts and traditional drinks, but is best known in Seattle for its daring sweet treats. Try pesto scones, banana foster bombs and pineapple candied-bacon doughnuts, to name a few. To view the full menu, click here.

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