Restaurant of the Week: El Gaucho Bellevue

El Gaucho is an iconic brand in the Pacific Northwest known for its impeccable service and exceptional quality that has a history dating back to 1953 when the original restaurant opened. The El Gaucho Bellevue location opened in 2008 and has been a place of celebration for the Eastside since.


When you enter El Gaucho Bellevue, you feel like you have stepped back in time to an era of uncompromising service and total indulgence. The dining room is as grand as the food that is served.

One of the many things that set El Gaucho apart from other steakhouses is its tableside service, which is a hallmark of the El Gaucho brand. There are tableside options for every course that can make your meal more personalized and exciting. Start your meal with the tableside caesar salad where the salad will be tossed and served in front of your eyes.


For your entrée, the Flaming Sword brochette of tenderloin is both delicious and offers fabulous entertainment. Tender pieces of tenderloin, which are cooked to perfection, are placed on a sword alternated with cremini mushrooms that are then set on fire at the table. After an exciting fire show, the meat is immediately served.


Save room for dessert, and order the tableside flambé Bananas Foster. Another fantastic fire show, rum is lit on fire in a pan, then butter and brown sugar are added before the bananas are warmed in the pan. The bananas are finally plated with the sauce and vanilla ice cream, a delightful combination to complete the meal.

These are just three of the many top-notch menu items to choose from. No matter what you choose to order, you are sure to have a memorable experience at El Gaucho Bellevue with outstanding service and decadent dishes.

For more information about El Gaucho Bellevue and to make reservations, visit elgaucho.com.

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