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Heavy Restaurant Group Hosts Rosé Month

Seattle-based Heavy Restaurant Group has declared April to be rosé month. To celebrate, the group is offering sweet themed swag and even an upcoming tasting that invites diners to #roséallday.

To celebrate rosé month, restaurants within the Heavy Restaurant Group–like PURPLE, BARRIO, THE COMMONS, MEET THE MOON, PABLO Y PABLOFIASCO and CLARET–will host delicious specials, and cute themed totes and T-shirts are available for purchase. 

In addition, Purple will have a tasting this Friday from noon to 4 p.m. with Katelyn Peil, award-winning wine director, on the restaurant’s patio. The tasting is $5 for five 1-oz. pours. If you purchase a bottle of rosé after the tasting, get $5 off the first bottle.

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