Best Instagrammable Dessert Spots

Washington is home to a pretty special selection of food offerings—between Pacific Northwest staples like oysters, salmon and chanterelle mushrooms, to Seattle originals like Starbucks coffee, the state really excels in food. Plus, more often than not, they’re usually just as visually satisfying as they are completely delicious too. Here’s some of the best Instagrammable dessert spots to indulge in the next time you’re in Washington.



Macadons—or rather macarons by Donna—is a speciality macaron shop that crafts treats which can be enjoyed for special occasions, or basically just about any other day too. Beyond making flavorful macarons and ice cream, the shop also regularly participates in donation drives, street clean-ups, and volunteering efforts within the White Center community. For as much as the owners love to contribute meaningful desserts to loyal community residents, they also love lifting their neighbors up through service too. For more information, visit

LUMI Dessert Cafe


LUMI Dessert Cafe was founded on the mission to bring people together through a shared appreciation of cultures and tastes from around the world. The team at the quaint cafe takes pride in using quality ingredients in all of their specialty treats. Visitors to LUMI can indulge in everything from a delicate Korean Bingsu dessert to a warm Golden Toast that’s filled with honey. For more information, visit  


Hot Cakes


Hot Cakes was originally born out of the Seattle farmers markets in 2008 and has since evolved into a full-fledged bakery that specializes in unique cake creations—including its namesake product, molten chocolate cake—as well as for selling cake ingredient mason jars, so that their delicate, molten cake treats can be enjoyed even within the comforts of people’s homes. For more information, visit

Pure Bliss Desserts


Pure Bliss Desserts is a charming dessert shop that’s hailed for its cozy aesthetic, accommodating team members and, of course, its decadent treat offerings. The menu features 20 flavors of cake, eight flavors of gourmet dessert wedges, cookies, cupcakes and more. Pure Bliss Desserts also offers a variety of desserts that are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. For more information, visit

Raised Doughnuts


The concept for Raised Doughnuts comes from pastry chef and creative Mi Kim, whose infatuation with doughnuts and a number of other decadent desserts inspired her to open up her own shop in the heart of Seattle. The shop promotes a quality-focused agenda that’s driven by anti-waste techniques and a commitment to made-from-scratch ingredients. The glazes, toppings and fillings are all made from scratch and based off the loyalty showcased by locals and tourists alike, Raised Doughnuts promotes a quality factor you can definitely taste. For more information, visit

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