6 Aesthetic Coffee Shops in Washington

As the weather grows colder, the coffee becomes warmer. There’s no better place to spend a chilly day than in an adorably aesthetic Washington coffee shop to sip on a comforting cup of heaven.

Sweet Notes Cafe


A little sweet and a little savory, Sweet Notes is the happy medium when it comes to aesthetic Washington coffee shops. The chill and charming ambience is enhanced with perfectly pink neon signs, floral walls and spunky tile flooring throughout the effortlessly ornate interior. Sweet Notes knows that life is hard, so they strive to make it all better through comforting coffee and serving you with a smile. What began with a food truck is keeping the vision going with better-than-ever coffees and tempting treats. Even though the smoothies are scrumptious, you have to check out the coffee-infused beverages, like pumpkin chai or horchata latte. And if you can’t get enough pumpkin spice, you can’t overlook the pumpkin spice waffle with sweet cream cheese. But if your savory side is taking control, ask for the one-of-a-kind “our way” avocado toast to experience avocado toast like you never have before. This showstopper is topped with feta, grape tomatoes and balsamic to create a classic concoction in a way that makes you rethink your grocery list. For more information, visit sweetnotescafe.com.

Latte da Coffee House and Wine Bar

Latte da Coffee House and Wine Bar


This Craftsman-style home turned café in Vancouver is a lovely refuge in a busy, metropolitan Vancouver neighborhood. Flaming fire pits and vintage light bulbs create the perfect atmosphere for chatting over a cup of coffee or a more buzzworthy beverage. Latte Da employs two comfortable canopies during the sunny months and a tent for its outside space during the cooler, rainier months. Whether you’re into white mochas or straight-up espresso, this cafe is sure to hit the sweet spot. Complement your coffee with a breakfast delight, from a salted caramel brownie to a bagel with cream cheese. But don’t pass up the chance to come back in the evening. Everyone needs a recharge on a busy day, and the perfect companion to a cold brew is a fresh panini. Especially when that panini is loaded with caramelized onions, figs and goat cheese. Not to mention, if you’re craving smores, Latte Da offers an outdoor experience where guests can roast their own over a smoldering fire. For more information, visit lattedacoffeehouse.com.

Cafe Aloe


Coffee and adorable Asian pastries are Cafe Aloe’s specialties, and they can be enjoyed in a neutral yet comfortable setting. Upon opening at the crack of dawn, Cafe Aloe starts the day with bright lights and glowing greenery walls. However, as the day grows darker, the lights also follow suit. Located in the heart of Downtown Bellevue, this Washington aesthetic coffee shop is brimming with high-quality drinks, perfectly paired with freshly baked pastries made in-house every single day. But the aesthetics don’t end there. Cafe Aloe’s steamed pastries are perfect for an Instagrammable shot. These custard-filled buns are creamy and cute; not to mention delicately decorated to resemble a pink pig. As for the coffee, be sure to go for a latte, enhanced with flavors like salted caramel, tiramisu or cookies and creme. And if you’re looking for something bubbly without having to visit a bar, look no further than the non-alcoholic grapefruit, raspberry or peach mojitos. For more information, visit cafealoe.com.

Emma Rue’s

Emma Rue’s


Comfort and elegance meet at Emma Rue’s as dramatic teal walls, pillowy-pink velvet seats and neon lights create the ideal cozy-chic atmosphere. Your go-to location for meeting up with friends for coffee or getting together for drinks and dessert after a night of entertainment, this aesthetic Washington coffee shop will soon become your favorite. Almost every night of the week, this coffee shop comes alive with live music, as well as opportunities for you to become the star of the show with karaoke and open mic. With fall in full-force, you can’t go wrong with the honey-cinnamon americano or the infamous salted caramel latte. But if you’re looking to make things a little more boozy, seek out the Miss Godiva, layered with white Godiva and heavy cream, or go with the ever-so-classic espresso martini. While browsing the endless menu, you also can’t miss the mouthwatering savory and sweet specialties. From the savory side, the bourbon maple-dressed eggs with bacon jam are sure to please. And if you want your sweet tooth to subside, be sure to order a dessert. Emma Rue’s offers plenty of sweets, from cinnamon-almond coffee cake to miso-caramel brownies. For more information, visit emmarues.com.

Victrola Coffee Roasters


Victrola Coffee Roasters, which took its name from the widely used home phonograph and record machines of the 1920’s, has always embraced the jazz era’s vibrancy and enthusiasm. This fabulously fun-sized coffee shop captures the coziness and devotion to community that all coffee enthusiasts can appreciate. The teal exterior contrasts with the beaten brick interior to give the atmosphere even more dimension. Above all, the coffee kicks things up a notch into another dimension of creamy deliciousness. Although the menu is ever-changing, be sure to check out any of your favorites infused with the Empire Blend or Streamline Espresso Blend. Of course, there are also plenty of edible enhancements to cure your cravings. From famous house-made sandwiches to gotta-have wraps, there is something for everyone. For more information, visit victrolacoffee.com.

Little Garden Cafe

Little Garden Cafe


With the relaxation of your front porch, Little Garden Cafe offers guests a home away from home with a warm cup of coffee and ready-to-eat baked pastries. There’s plenty of coffee and tea to brighten your day, alongside intricate indoor murals and even more colorful outdoor umbrellas to shelter you from the incoming overcast. Known as the cafe that knows its customers by name, this aesthetic Washington coffee shop also specializes in cold brews and cappuccinos. Speaking of specialties, you also can’t miss out on bagels brimming with cream cheese and flavors like tomato asiago, cheddar everything and jalapeno cheese. After you build your own breakfast sandwich, be sure to stock up on an artisanal salad for later. From the indoor lighted gazebos to the carefully crafted lattes, this cafe will make you feel at home among the pine trees of Spokane. For more information, visit littlegardencafe.com.

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