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Fabulous People: Danielle Hulton

Danielle Hulton is the owner of Seattle’s Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe and Fuel Coffee. Ada’s focuses on science, technology and science fiction while Fuel Coffee is one of the city’s most iconic, independent coffee shops. Learn about Danielle Hulton…

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

First job: I ran my own babysitting company with my sisters when I was 12. I also worked as a cashier in a toursity visitor center for all of high school and lifeguarded. After college, my first career was as a computer engineer.

Favorite ways to spend your free time in WA: I love to spend time outside! Whether that’s hiking, camping or visiting the local park. Especially if I can bring a book.

Your biggest accomplishment and why: The community we’ve built over the last 12 years at Ada’s is something I’m super proud of. We have become a local destination that supports curiousity and never-ending learning. When I was an engineer, I didn’t always feel super supported in following my curiousities. Now, I know that Ada’s provides that space for so many people.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: Learning how to run a small business, in a major city, without any formal business education has been a struggle, but I feel that I’ve learned so much!

Someone who inspires you and why: There are many women and non-binary folks running community-focused businesses in Seattle that I find so inspiring! The three that immediately come to mind are Dani Cone (Cone & Stiener), Carla Leonardi (Cafe Lago) and Phebe Rossi (Nuflours Bakery). I love talking to these people about their “why” and what they are attempting to accomplish for their community. Every time I’m able to interact with a fellow, likeminded business owner, I come away from that interaction more inspired and energized about my own “why.”

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: This can be really hard work, but if you love what you’re doing and feel really passionately about it existing in the world, you will be able to find the energy to make it happen.

Favorite quote: “Grow through what you go through.” Being able to learn from my experiences, especially tough experiences, has been a key aspect of my personality, business philosophy and empathy growth.

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I play the flute in a community flute ensemble.

What makes someone fabulous: Someone who lives with integrity! You are fabulous if you can honestly say that you did your best for yourself and the people around you.

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