Fab Moms: Washington

Emily Hubbard

Hubbard is the co-owner at Sage Investment Group, a private equity company she founded alongside her husband, Ross, in 2020. “Sage works to turn underutilized properties in the Pacific Northwest and around the country into attainable housing.”

Mom to: Nolan, 5; Charlotte, 3; Roland, 3 months 

Hometown: Maple Valley

Favorite ways to spend family time in WA: Skiing, boating, walking the Cross Kirkland Corridor trail, going to local parks and visiting KidsQuest Children’s Museum in Bellevue.

Your most rewarding motherhood moment: Wow – there are so many! Most recently, I watched my 5-year-old son get on and off a chair lift after refusing to try it previously this ski season. Seeing the level of confidence and pride he had in himself brought me to tears.

Biggest challenge as a mom: Without a doubt it is balance! As a mom of three, I am constantly dancing between being present with my kids, meeting work deadlines, being a present partner to my spouse and still saving a sliver of time for my own self-care. I still don’t have the answer to the perfect recipe on how to accomplish this and know it will be an ongoing challenge each day with varying degrees of success. 

A mother who inspires you and why: I have so many women I look up to, but the first working mom I met that made me feel like I could have the career, kids and still be “me” is Nicole McNichols. She is a professor at the University of Washington, married to a great guy, has three fabulous kids and still finds time for herself. She maintains a professional, busy life without giving up her identity, which I found to be incredibly inspiring. I encourage others to see her story on Instagram at @Nicole_thesexprofessor.

Best piece of advice for a new mom: This is always easier said than done. But I would remind them not to worry about what others think. It will only result in a loss of joy and additional stress, which no new mom needs on their plate. The only expert on your child is you.

Your biggest hope for your children: That they have all the skills they need to thrive in this ever-changing world. I hope I can do my best to set them up for success – whatever that looks like for each of them!

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? We are taking a boat ride and then having dinner at Feast in Kirkland. It will be so nice to take a slow day with my family and have a proper moment to acknowledge a day that is important to me.

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