Fab Couples: Washington

Daniel & Jacqueline Mallahan

Daniel, chef and owner; Jacqueline Mallahan, general manager and owner, Driftwood

Homebase: West Seattle

How did your love story begin? Jacqueline: We met while working together at Boulevard Restaurant in San Francisco. The classic restaurant love story, Dan in the BOH and I in the FOH. We were friends for a couple years before our first date, which was a rainy day spent at the movie theater with pastrami sandwiches.

Favorite thing about one another: Jacqueline: Dan’s passion for what he loves is unmatched. He is an amazing father to our two girls, always engaged and excited to be with them. It is special to watch him so patiently teach Lilly in the kitchen. His excitement to share his knowledge about food is fun to watch, he draws people in and gets them excited too!

Daniel: Jackie is the most genuinely caring, thoughtful and loving person I have ever met. She is the first to check in on friends and family or send a thank-you note after receiving a gift. She gives all of herself to others and is extremely humble. She is the best host and is always welcoming and opens our home to anyone that needs it. She also rolls with the punches of all of my insane ideas (business and otherwise) and is the most supportive partner I could ask for. She is a fantastic and loving mother to our daughters, and I am extremely lucky to ride this wave that is life with her. 

Favorite date night: Movies, live theater and playing pool are staples in our date night routine. We also love to settle up at a bar and enjoy good food and each other’s company.

Favorite tradition you have as a couple: One of our favorite traditions is caviar and Champagne on New Year’s Day. When we were dating, we were gifted caviar one holiday season back in 2012, while we were both working at Boulevard. Traditionally the restaurant was closed on New Year’s Day, and we spent it together enjoying each other’s company and indulging in Champagne and opulent golden osetra caviar on buttered English muffin, with creme fraiche and sea salt. Definitely a defining relationship moment. We try our best to recreate it every year.

What does your happily ever after look like? Our happily ever after looks like this right now. Getting to work together again in our own restaurant is pretty surreal. It really has gone full circle. To flirting at work, to dating, to eloping in Florence, to Seattle, two beautiful daughters, now Driftwood. Like we said, surreal. Looking forward to changing and growing within this industry that we love so much. Looking forward to supporting and feeding our local community. Excited to be doing what we love together. 

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