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Fabulous People: Anne Allgood

Anne Allgood is a professional actor, singer, coach and ACT Theatre CORE Company member who has appeared on Broadway and every major theater in Seattle. “Currently. I’m appearing in SWEAT, the Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece that is playing at ACT Theatre this May.” Learn about Anne Allgood…

Hometown: St. Louis, MO – but my very extensive family is all from South Carolina and I’m a seventh-generation native.

First job: First-ever job was selling men’s furnishings at the local department store. I came home smelling like Royal Copenhagen and Aramis cologne (ew)! And my first performing job was singing and dancing in a show at Six Flags Over Mid-America for a summer when I was 16. They told us at the beginning of that summer that by the end, we would know whether we wanted to do this for our life – and I was absolutely hooked.

Favorite ways to spend your free time in WA: Camping, hiking, going to farmer’s markets and produce stands, canoeing with my husband, driving around in the country and finding little fish shacks and local shops – and also hanging out in my backyard with friends. (Hmmm….that all seems like kind of warm-weather stuff – which I love! – but I also love curling up with coffee and a good book, and Seattle is surely a great place to do that in the wintertime.)

Your biggest accomplishment and why: I’d have to say leaving a home and “successful” career in NYC and carving out a life for myself in the Pacific Northwest. I’d been really good at managing the “bank shots” in life that came my way, and I had a life that looked really good from the outside, but this – making my life into a fulfilling and fitting one for myself, as well as making art where I wanted to live – was the first truly proactive thing I’d done, and it flew in the face of a lot of conventional wisdom regarding a theater path. Seattle has a fantastic theater community and an incredible wealth of talent, right here.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: Maybe see “accomplishment” above! Also, the obstacle with which I have been coming to a peaceful détente over time is my own perfectionism. I’m learning more and more to let go of result and enjoy process.

Someone who inspires you and why: My mama. She was a bright butterfly – creative, sweet, resilient more than I will ever truly know, and so smart under her unassuming nature. I was so blessed to be hers.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Craft a mission statement for yourself. It will change as you do, but choices will fall into place with that as a guide. Also, guard your good name. (There are tons of talented, difficult people who work everywhere once.) Be scrupulous with your integrity and professionalism, and thank your colleagues – this is collaborative work and we depend on one another.

Favorite quote: Ah, geez, way too many to pick one! I’m a reader…don’t make me.

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: People who know me well would not be surprised to learn that I was wild about horses as a girl, that I love to knit and bake, and that I was a quarter-finalist in the National Spelling Bee.

What makes someone fabulous: A zest for life! Enjoyment of each day, each opportunity, even each challenge – finding the joy.

Photo credit: From “SWEAT,” Truman Buffett

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