Fabulous People

Shubert Ho

Fabulous People: Shubert Ho

Shubert Ho is the executive chef and owner of Feedme Hospitality & Restaurant Group, located in Edmonds. The group has established six restaurants–Salt & Iron, Bar Dojo, The MAR·KET, SanKai, Fire & The Feast and Shore Pine Coffee & Gelato–and a catering business in the last decade.

Hans Reisinger

Fabulous People: Hans Reisinger

Hans Reisinger is the executive sous chef of Bell Harbor International Conference Center and World Trade Center Seattle and the talent behind Quickfire, the area’s newest meal kit. “Quickfire is the brainchild of my frustration combined with my inspiration, and my plan is to serve Seattleites the way they deserve,” he says.


Fabulous People: Bennyroyce Royon

Bi-coastal talent Bennyroyce Royon is the artistic director of Renton-based Evergreen City Ballet, a pre-professional ballet school and performing company, and founder of Bennyroyce Dance, a project-based contemporary company in Brooklyn. Learn about Bennyroyce Royon…

Brian Price

Fabulous People: Brian Price

Brian Price is the chef at Eritage Resort, one of Walla Walla’s finest dining destinations. Eritage is known for its menu that highlights the seasonal bounty of the region and its connections with local family farmers and suppliers.

cyrena stefano

Fabulous People: Cyrena Stefano

Did you know the Pacific Northwest happens to be the leading regional hub for glass art in the nation with more than 700 glass artists living in Washington? Cyrena Stefano, CEO at Seattle Glassblowing Studio and co-founder of Hot Glass Color and Supply, happens to be one of such talents.

Abigail Gullo

Fabulous People: Abigail Gullo

Abigail Gullo is the assistant general manager and bar manager at Ben Paris at The State Hotel. Though she is new to Seattle, she is no stranger to accolades for her mixology work as Eater New Orleans’ “Bartender of the Year” in 2014, Heaven Hill Distillery’s “Bartender of the Year” in 2016 and her induction into Tales of the Cocktail’s “2018 Dame Hall of Fame.”